Connections Served represents all of the social activity that has happens on Filemobile's Media Factory  platform. As users connect through content we keep track of these various connections that are made. Connections are important because they define content engagement. Here are the different features that make up the connections that you see in our scrolling ticker below:

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How Our Platform Works
Media Factory sources and collects fresh, relevant photos, videos and other social content that engages your audience.
Use smart-filtering tools to moderate, group, channel and tag content into meaningful collections.
Get broader value from your curated content by publishing content to Websites, Social Networks, Mobile, Broadcast and Print.
Engage your audience with social activities that increase page views and time spent on site.
The Most Versatile Solutions on the Market
Filemobile and its Media Factory Platform are both designed to service the diverse needs of organizations like yours. Connecting through content has never been easier, with engagement tools to handle your most complex challenges and the smallest turn-key requirements.
  • User-Generated News - Broaden your content offering by capturing localized content from the real people on the ground - your audience! Use the Filemobile mobile app, content aggregator and other tools to get more, timely and better content.
  • Rich Media Workflow - Filemobile's solution helps publishers and corporations streamline their rich media workflow allowing them to upload into many downstream systems while maintaining meta data. This solution is saving organizations hundreds of hours in production.
  • Community - Rapidly deploy a social community where visitors contribute content, comment, share and interact. Cultivate deep, long-standing relationships through interactive experiences that engage your audience and build brand affinity.
  • Mobile - Filemobile knows mobile. From our skinnable mobile app, GPS locator, in-app push notifications, and Instagram feed extraction, you now have unprecedented capabilities to connect with your audience on their mobile phones.