Mobile phone cameras have quickly become the preferred device for capturing life's many moments. Approximately 25% of people aged 18-24 don't even own a digital camera outside of their phone. So in today's world, you need to consider mobile as an important part of your content strategy, not just an add-on.
Filemobile knows mobile. From our skinnable mobile app, GPS locator, in-app push notifications, and Instagram feed extraction, you now have unprecedented capabilities to connect with your audience on their mobile phones.
Mobile Clients

How Mobile Works

  • Mobile App with customizable interface, so you can equip your audience with a branded app
  • File uploader uses responsive design allowing you to collect content from desktop and mobile
  • Fast upload speeds for photos and videos
  • Advanced registration options including social sign-on (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) via mobile web and native apps
  • Gather photo/video in batches or individually
  • Pull in content from Instagram #hashtags
  • Accept and process content via email
  • View photos and videos in the native mobile apps
  • Browse photos/videos by category and/or most popular, most commented, most recent, geographic location
  • View activity feed of all uploads and comments in the native apps
  • APIs provide custom integration with any platform
  • Publish to your CMS and consume content in your current slideshows
  • Publish to Brightcove Video Cloud
  • Publish to your Automated Broadcast System (e.g. Vizrt)
  • Responsive design lets you publish across different devices
  • Social sign-on allows for quick connections to your users' social networks
  • Publish social activities to Facebook feed, including voting, commenting, uploading and sharing.
  • Gain referral traffic from Facebook, Twitter, and other social network shares
Use Cases
Clients use our white-label mobile apps for a variety of purposes. Here are a few of the popular uses:

Brandable iPhone/iPad & Android Apps

Although our app comes baked with a ton of amazing features, you can make it look like your own! Simply download our graphic package and skin the application to fit your brand. You can also edit text and change languages. Using Filemobile, you can have a native application ready for the appstore in a fraction of the time it would take you to build one of your own. Once your app is live and in the wild you can still edit text and configurations without having to re-submit to the various stores.

Social Sign-on

Filemobile makes registration easy by providing social sign-on and single sign-on (SSO) options — including via mobile apps and the mobile web. This enables quick registrations so your audience can start submitting content without a second thought. No usernames to create or passwords to remember — social sign-on makes it easy and keeps users engaged. In fact according to Janrain, 77% of users prefer social login. Of course, if a registration form is required, we offer that too and our registration system is easily customized from your admin panel.

Apps, Apps, Apps

We have native apps for iOS and Android supporting a variety of uses: Gallery, Contest, Community and User-Generated News. If you prefer to integrate Filemobile technology with your existing apps, our SDK or APIs have you covered.

Social Media Integration

The number of connections you can make with your audience is amplified when you extend your reach into social networks. Using Filemobile, content can be seamlessly shared into Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Content such as photo/video submissions and shares, comments, and votes can be automatically pushed into news feeds. This increased exposure generates, on average, 16% additional traffic for Filemobile clients, allowing for more connections, increased referral traffic and greater program success.

Notification Center

The lines of communication between you and your audience are always open with Filemobile's Notification Center. Within minutes you can send a mobile push notification to your user base, targeting a specific geographic location or other user grouping. You can send members on a timely assignment or simply inform them of something you want them to do. When your members receive the notification they can connect directly to your communication, allowing for instant action and an engaged audience.


Geolocation is built right into the mobile applications, allowing you to engage your audience with content assignments related to their current location.


Integrating Filemobile's extended suite of APIs, feeds, and SDKs makes it the most flexible solution on the market. You can integrate Filemobile functionality into your current CMS, use only certain functionality for certain purposes, or create an entire user-generated news site using our white label applications . You have lots of options! Some common integrations include SSO registrations, Brightcove Video Cloud, Broadcast Systems, and Content Management Systems. Consult with our team of experienced professionals for the best approach for your current setup.


Track and measure program results and social impact. Time-saving filters allow you to create segmented reports for targeted insights and specific measurements.


Your technology team can implement social content functionality within your current infrastructure using Filemobile’s SDK and API and supporting documentation.