Steve Hulford
Founder and Chief Creative Officer
This is Steve's third start-up in the last ten years. Steve is responsible for business development, marketing and providing strategic direction with the senior management team. Steve lives in Toronto with his wife Kerry & two kids
Marc Milgrom
Marc lives at the intersection of technology and business.
Marc is responsible for strategic partnerships, major accounts, client delivery and driving strategy development with the senior management team.
Ron Watson
Chief Financial Officer
Ron is responsible for business development and corporate finance. Ron previously practiced corporate finance (M&A) at a major accounting firm in Australia.
Dave Minogue
Director of Technology
Dave is responsible for managing the development team, and for scaling the Filemobile platform. He lives with his wife and three kids in Toronto. In his free time he can be found at Disney World.
Meaghan Bent
Lead Front-End Developer
Web, music, beer & food enthusiast. Coder, musician, writer, climber, cyclist, mentor, traveler, leader & a dog's best friend.

Neither rashly nor timidly - Bent motto
Laura Bowers
Project Manager
Laura is the lead project manager. When she's not busy keeping things in order, she can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. She lives in east Toronto with her husband and two kids.
Devin Brown
Front-End Developer
Devin loves to create and build for all mediums. His passion is crafting front end experiences for the web. When not coding, filming / editing, or designing, you'll find him playing any one of the many sports he loves.
Jamie Couture
Senior Developer - Mobile
Enjoys problem solving, designing and improving software. In his spare time you can find him cycling, or reading a great book.
Mark Dhas
Lead Architect
Mark is responsible for the technical stuff at Filemobile and code optimization. He enjoys tackling the tough problems and hates to let the computers win...
Mike Hoyle
Full-Stack Developer
Mike is a versatile developer and avid Gamer. He brings to the table a deep love of programming and a sharp eye for detail.
Meliora Facere ea 'Satis Bona': Do better than 'Good Enough'
Satbir Jhuti
Sr. Front-End Developer
A passionate web developer who designs and develops our products in collaboration with the development team. Satbir loves video games, rock music and food!
Kristopher Kong
Product Manager
If I had only one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem, and only five minutes finding the solution - Einstein
Voytek Manowiec
Back-End Developer
Voytek is a software programmer who develops, maintains and improves the functionality of the MediaFactory platform. As a big cycling junkie, he can be found on Toronto cycling paths trying to post new personal best times on Strava.
Rebecca Matteliano
Project Manager & Client Support
Rebecca is responsible for managing client questions and providing great customer support.
Manish Patel
Front-End Developer
Manish is our professional services specialist, working with clients to produce beautiful contest and community applications. Manish loves photography and spending time with his family.
Cammi Pham
Community Manager
Cammi is a Community manager by day, blogger by night, tea drinker, shoes lover. She always has a smile and loves to help you.
Charlie Parker
Charlie is the office dog, and occasional receptionist. Those with food will be favoured. Woof!