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Major brands and media leveraging Media Factory for Twitter, Instagram curation

Posted by Press Release on 24.10.12

Some examples of Media Factory curated Instagram and Twitter feeds.

October 24th, 2012 - Toronto. Major brands and media outlets face a unique challenge in the digital age: finding a way to curate the abundance of user-generated content they receive, then publishing it to various social media channels through a single, comprehensive platform.

It’s a somewhat pleasant predicament. As target consumers or viewers become ever more engaged with a brand or initiative, they’re more willing than ever to create and post exciting content that displays their brand loyalty or passion for a particular subject. Take the feel-good Life Is Good lifestyle brand out of the U.S., for example. Its fans have been posting reams of content to the company’s Good Vibes website all year—much of it in real time from locations around the world.

But as with any online content, it requires a flexible tool to moderate and manage, particularly as more organizations turn to popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram to engage with their target audiences.

It’s the reason why Filemobile has made it a top priority to consistently add and improve the curation tools unique to our interactive social media platform Media Factory. The platform allows organizations to capture, curate and publish social media content quickly and effectively. That means that user-generated photos or videos can be accepted and posted to sites such as Instagram and YouTube in a matter of minutes. The benefits: improved audience engagement, reduced content acquisition costs and bottom line-boosting audience growth.

"Filemobile’s Media Factory platform provides the kind of speed, reliability and flexibility that organizations need to discover and curate user-generated content from channels such as Instagram or Twitter in near-real time" says Steve Hulford Filemobile's Chief Creative Officer.

A wide range of organizations are using Media Factory to curate and publish social media content including CBC. Canada’s national broadcaster tapped the platform for its Sports Day in Canada once again this year, using it to accept and publish sports-focused content to Facebook and Instagram.

As Hulford points out, there’s one key reason why more companies are tapping Media Factory for the cutting-edge digital solutions they need to succeed in the social media realm.

“Our company is built on innovation,” he says. “We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve our products and services, and organizations have come to rely on our digital expertise, strong customer service and constant improvements to turn everyday social media interactions with their target audiences into meaningful brand-building experiences.”

Check out Life is Good's Good Vibes program where curated #optimism content gets ingested into Media Factory from Instagram.

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