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Media Factory 3.1.10 Release

Posted by Jayson Ambrose on 09.10.12

October 9th, 2012 - Toronto. Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends! It's the fall, and this release of Media Factory is about getting the house in order and getting ready for the winter! The first thing you'll notice is larger thumbnails to help you discover all the fall colours being submitted by your community members. We've also made a few highly anticipated fixes and a number of performance improvements under the hood.

We resolved an issue where repositioning groups would cause the underlying group tree to become corrupt. Between the time this issue was discovered and now resolved, all users were denied the permission to reposition groups. This permission is now restored for everyone who had it previously. Read more about groups.

The Media Factory translator module has received a major overhaul that fixes an issue causing translations to disappear under certain high load situations. The interface is now completely disabled while the system is working. This prevents the user from accidentally overwriting translations and corrupting the translation table. This will also solve a problem where restoring applications would throw a translation-related error message.

For our developers, we've vastly improved how template variable errors are handled. Now, if a variable is missing, the page will continue to load and the error will be clearly presented in context of the site. Also, you can turn off these errors in application settings once your site goes live.

What else?

  • Added search, filtering and sorting to group list page
  • Added denied reason drop-down to moderation buttons in media list view
  • Enabled image resizer to use original file before conversion is complete
  • Added the ability to batch send files to FTP

Check out the full release notes at the Media Factory developer portal for a list of all changes in this release.

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