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The User-Generated Content Blueprint-All You Need to Know to Achieve Your Conten

Posted by Meaghan Bent on 30.01.14

Since the advent of the internet, marketers have been seeking new and innovative ways to engage their audiences. One of those ways is the growing concept of user-generated content - that is, content produced by consumers or audience members through any digital medium, and uploaded to the web. Not only has it transformed the way media outlets cover breaking news stories, but also how brands market their products or services. However, for media outlets and brands alike, gauging this opportunity can be a challenge.

In Filemobile’s latest e-book, you’ll find all the tricks of the trade you’ll need to develop an effective user-generated content strategy. More specifically, here are 10 things you’ll learn:

  • How to develop a winning user-generated content concept
  • How to motivate and build a community
  • How to deal with democracy and user-generated content
  • How to leverage mobile technology in user-generated content
  • How to leverage social channels to drive engagement
  • How to generate a viral response to your user-generated content program
  • How To Protect your Brand and Community
  • Why Legal Matters in user-generated content
  • How to Transform Employees into Brand Ambassadors
  • Why you need to build a user-generated content brand

Download the ebook by filling out the form to the top right. You will get an email with a link to download the file.

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