The Filemobile Advantage

Filemobile powers applications thatengage users and deliver results

Our software powers the "media" in social media. We power web experiences that engage audiences and drive massive sharing on public social networks. We are experts in how to capture, organize and manage and publish user generated content to multiple devices.

Our Media Factory platform and suite of applications enable clients to:

  • Monetize content through websites, pages and applications that increase advertising, sponsorships and subscriptions opportunities
  • Grow audience with a true cross-platform program that extend into public social networks, broadcast, print and mobile
  • Deepen interaction and engagement with audiences using interactive campaigns to increase time spent on site, unique visitors and page views
  • Drive incremental web traffic and earned media through social media channels, acquiring free content, growing fans and users, and building leads

The Media Factory proprietary platform provides organizations with the power and flexibility to effectively manage marketing and content campaigns and applications. Clients chose Crowdspark over competitors because of our strengths in integration range of applications, customizable templates and versatility of use. Crowdspark has launched over 1,000 applications. That's the Crowdspark Advantage.

Why Management Teams Choose Filemobile

  • Generate Incremental Traffic Engage the 100's of million of people on Facebook. Our programs generate 15-35% additional traffic.
  • Reduce content acquisitions costs User generated content is free! Manage and curate it and it will help you with your SEO strategy to. A win-win!
  • Reduce time to market Get more projects out the door faster and cheaper with best of breed software.
  • Win the TV news rating war Mobilize and engage your audience to become citizen journalists and help you tell the news. Find out how CP24 does this.
  • Do more with less Implementing our platform allows your team to focus on what they do best: creating content.
  • Who has the keys? We provide you with a well documented platform that your team can rely on, even if you experience turnover within your development team.
  • Use your current infrastructure You don't have to make additional infrastructure investments. We can plug into your existing systems (i.e. SSO, CDN, Ad Server, or Web analytics)
  • Pick your applications We offer the widest variety of software applications on the market from Contests to Citizen Journalism to Video mashups.

Why Marketers Choose Filemobile

  • We Extend Reach! We help you reach the 100's of millions people on Facebook and other social networks by broadcasting viral activities (e.g. voting, rating, commenting, uploading, etc.) to the friend feed.
  • Maintain Control Manage the look, feel, domains, analytics and moderation of content in a brand friendly environment.
  • Drive Leads Generate valuable marketing data and business leads by capturing user information and behavior.
  • Increased Facebook Fans Our programs can generate incremental fans by offering contests or sweepstakes.
  • Multi-Channel / Multi-Platform Launch multiple marketing programs on multiple sites and devices, from a single platform. Save time and money with one solution.
  • Easy Integration Integrate analytics, user registration systems, broadcast, print, mobile apps, measuring tools ad serving platforms and more.

Why Content Producers Choose Filemobile

  • Easy to Use The tools are easy to use and enable producers to get up to speed quickly.
  • Handles Volume With Ease Media Factory is designed to manage thousands of assets quickly with a minimum number of clicks.
  • Quality Content Control Designed by moderation professionals, Media Factory will allow you to moderate comments, photos, video or blogs quickly and easily.
  • Dependable The Crowdspark team provides quick and effective support.

Why Developers Choose Filemobile

  • Do More With Less User generated content is our core business. Use Media Factory to free up your time to develop.
  • Easy Setup No installation required and no hardware needed. All you need is an app or an API key and the documentation and you're ready to go.
  • Built for Developers by Developers Media Factory has been built using the same API's and apps client developers use.
  • Flexibility to Suit Your Style Choose from white label apps (including HTML /CSS /Javascript) or use our API's with a variety of code libraries to chose from (including PHP, .NET, Actionscript).
  • Documentation and Support A wide library of documentation and access to support is close by.